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Guided Hypnosis

3 audio tracks (hair, eyelashes, eyebrows) developed to help you reprogram your subconscious mindset.

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Introducing your hypnosis teacher, Marbella! She is an intuitive healer specializing in hypnosis as a method of theta brainwave transformation to change unconscious behaviours.

 Marbella has developed three guided hypnosis audio tracks for the GROW community, one for eyebrow pulling, one for eyelash pulling, and one for head hair pulling.

We recommend listening only to the audios that focus on the hair types you pull (eg. if you don’t pull your eyebrows, don’t listen to the eyebrow track).

Listen to the relevant hypnosis audio whenever you feel the urge to pull, or regularly as a maintenance tactic to stay pull-free.


Breathwork Techniques

Guided breathwork exercises designed to help with targeted pulling and absent minded pulling.

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Eliminating Shame

Learn how to deal with and overcome the shame that causes you to keep trich a secret and hide it.

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Gratitude Diary & Vision Board

Simple but powerful tools designed to help shift your mindset to a future without hair pulling.

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Emotion Freedom Technique (Tapping)

Learn how to do EFT – also known as tapping – on yourself as a strategy to resist urges to pull.

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Habit Reversal Techniques

Practical techniques and exercises to replace and overcome hair pulling habits.

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Building Up Self Worth

Practical exercises to build up your self esteem when you have visible bald patches.

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More info coming soon!

And more to come!

We’re constantly growing and adding to our MasterClass with new classes and techniques. Feel free to make recommendations & suggestions to us!

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More info coming soon!

BONUS! Your Personalized Hair Pulling

Habit Reversal Tracker

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